Derestricting stock CDI Unit (Removing RPM Limit)
The stock CDI has emission dips and it Retards the ignition at 10,600rpm. This restriction has been fitted so the motorcycle would suffice the emission regulations for motor vehicles. Use this at own risk!

1. First check the model number located underneath the backseat. There should be a black box with the following serial:
If not, than your CDI might not be able to be derestricted.
2. Drill a hole of 30mm by 10mm and go 5 to 10mm deep(See IMG01).
3. You will see a part of a circuit board, snap this. This is known as the bridge. (If you reach glass it means you have dug too far!)
4. Once you have snapped the bridge, fill it back in with silicone, make sure its waterproof! Now there will be no environmental dip between 5000-6000rpm.
5. Start your bike to see if it still runs. If so, you're done.

If this how-to isn't clear, click here to view a more detailed version!
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